why eat local?

In our increasingly interconnected capitalist system, its uncanny how disconnected we have simultaneously become. At Hampshire Table, we believe that one of the most significant remedies for this is to practice eating with locality in mind – a conscious shift that can improve the health & well-being of ourselves, our communities, our local economies and our planet. In our opinion, eating locally is an empowering act of reconnection; an unprecedented tool for evoking relationships and eradicating the gaps between us and what’s on our plates.

From supporting nearby business and decreasing demand for unfair global trade to nurturing our local landscapes whilst protecting our far away ones, there are planet-wide social, environmental and economic benefits. Less food miles, less waste, less preservatives. More support, more connection, more care. Fresher ingredients, better taste. Seasonal menus that impact our own communities; the repercussions are abundant!

There are not many street food vendors that exist to promote the produce of other market stalls. We are so excited about bringing our concept to the streets and fields of Hampshire and feel it is perhaps our obligation as cooks to reconnect consumers and producers locally.