Gabe Fest!

In July this year, we took on our first music festival! GabeFest is an annual event on a local strawberry farm in Durley, just outside Southampton. David and I have wanted to serve up Indian Chaat together for years – this interest was how we first became friends actually!

Using fresh, local produce (with the addition of a few extra ingredients from Southampton’s International shops) we prepared colourful dishes with wicked flavours for the festival goers. The most popular meals were our warming Chana Masala and red-lentil Dahl, both served with fresh naan. We had fresh, homemade chutneys to dollop on top, including Mint & Coriander, Chili & Garlic, Date & Tamarind and a Peanut one. To put to use the delicious strawberries from the farm, we made an additional fruit chutney which complimented the flavours of out hot food perfectly – it was out first time serving these dishes with strawberries and we loved the combo! We’d also freshly-prepared Garam Masala and Chaat Masala to give each dish a pinch of super authentic flavour. Bhel Puri (pictured above) was another offering on the menu, which is a traditional Indian savory street food with veggies, pomegranate, puffed rice, chutneys and a tangy tamarind dressing. Oh, and we mustn’t forget our Strawberry Lassi (below) with rose, cardamom, black pepper and fresh mint – a delicious yogurt drink that also took advantage of the freshly-picked fruit from the field each morning! We received such amazing feedback for our food and have been invited back next year. See you then!



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