Local rustic street food

We transform local, seasonal produce into rustic street food, running stalls at markets, community events and small festivals/fairs

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Beginning in January 2018 and launching in the April, Hampshire Table is a mobile food business based in Southampton. With a passion for sustainable food, we showcase the gorgeous array of nutritious ingredients grown locally through freshly prepared dishes full of robust flavour. Not only do our menus naturally reflect the season, they also connect us with the people and places growing our food.
Both David and Louiza have had a long interest in lively street food markets, eagerly visiting them across the UK and abroad. Through Hampshire Table we hope to bring some of the energy and sensations of London’s diverse street food scene to the South, knocking up full-flavoured menus of colourful, globally-inspired dishes. We are very happy to be part of the blossoming UK farmers’ market movement, encouraging us all to source more of our nourishment from local farms and fields.
An average day for us would be setting up our pop-up kitchen at a farmer’s market, trawling the other stalls for the freshest produce on offer and then cooking live on the street to share something delicious with passers-by. We invite you to pause for a moment, take a seat on one of our yellow stools and enjoy our dish of the day.
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